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How do Flax Hull Lignans differ from regular flax seeds that are found in stores?

Flax Hull Lignans, are extracted through a special natural method, from regular whole flax seeds, and are ground, and offered to you in their most potent and powerfully concentrated form.* One scoop of FHL is equivalent to eating 8 pounds of regular flax seeds or two gallons of flax oil per day.*

Can I take this with medication?

While you should always consult your physician, Flax Hull Lignans should be taken daily, 30 minutes before or after taking medication.*

Can I take this if I'm pregnant?

While it is generally considered safe, it is always best to consult your physician.*

How long can I take this product?

You may continue taking this product for as long as you would like.*

How long is shelf life?

FHL has a manufacturer recommended shelf life of three years.  Although the reality is the shelf life last much longer and our Lignan samples from the past years still hold their potency and quality.

Is there an age restriction on who can take Flax Hull Lignans?

Children under the age of 13 should take half of the recommended dose.*

Can I mix this with food?

Yes. As long as you do not exceed the recommended dose (one scoop).*

Is there a difference between the capsules and the powder?

There is no difference. The capsules contain the same exact powder, encased in a vegetable capsule coating. Three to four capsules are approximately equivalent to one scoop of the regular powder.

Is  this a GMO product?

This product is all-natural. There are no added chemicals or alterations, during growing,  processing or extracting. It is a raw product, and has no preservatives.

Where is this product grown or processed?

This product is grown and processed in North Dakota, US, using ancient seeds; however, as demand increases for this product, ancient flax seeds from Canada, the only other place that cultivates the Linton seeds that NDI One uses, will be imported and used.

How much can I take per day

You can take up to three scoop per day. If you feel full, cut back a little.

What makes our products different?

There are three major reasons why our products are superior.
1) Our propriety process is the only cold mill, no chemical process of separating the hull of a flax seed.*
2) Our SDG & other lignans in our products are 800 times more than other sources.*
3) Our ingredients are the highest quality & concentrate.*

Are flax hull Lignans safe and are there Side Effects?

Yes there are no known side effects of flax hull lignans.*