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Tiny powerhouse helps fight cancer and keeps it
from coming back... but that's not all*
    There's a teeny tiny natural miracle that has an enormous impact on cancer: killing off cancer cells, making sure cancer doesn't spread, even preventing its return.* 82% decrease in the spread of metastatic lung tumors* 71% reduction in the protein that causes aggressive cancer growth* 31% increase in cancer cell death in just 30 days*
    An earlier and smaller pilot study, this one with 25 prostate cancer patients, found that flaxseed could help to prevent and treat prostate cancer.* In this study, researchers saw clear benefits for the men in the flaxseed groups: An average 62 point decrease in total testosterone* Free androgen index dropped from 36.3% to 29.3%* Cancer cell growth (based on the proliferation index) was just 5%, compared with historical controls of 7.4%* Cancer cell death increased significantly* Total cholesterol decreased by average 27 points (a very good side effect)*
    Of the cancer patients who responded to the study, 100% did report a decrease in the size or a total disappearance of tumors.* However, the one patient with non Hodgkins lymphoma also had times of increasing then decreasing in tumor size.* One breast cancer patient experienced a total disappearance of tumors as long as she continual to take the flax.* A few months after stopping the flax, tumors came back again.* She recently reported that after she resumed taking the flax, the tumors are once again shrinking.*
    Of HIV/AIDS patients, 85% reported feeling a lot more energetic, increased appetites with almost total cessation of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.* Of those which we were able to measure with their blood tests, 71% had a drop in viral loads over the 90 day period.* 28% of those with blood tests reported a decrease to total non-detectable viral load and increase in CD4 values.* With one international patient (India) during phase 1 testing, we could not measure response, but only to say he felt better and several of his KS lesions disappeared.* There was a 71% drop in viral loads of those we could measure.* One lady on an insulin pump happily reported her doctor told her that she had normal glucose readings for the first time in five years.* Her cholesterol dropped and lipids panels showed normal triglycerides, LDL's and HDL's.*
    And if that was all this miniscule miracle could do, you'd need to know about it right away. But this life-saving powerhouse can do so much more: prevent diabetes, protect you from heart attack, reverse atherosclerosis, the list goes on.* It's called FHL Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, related to the flax that you can buy at the health food store, but so much more powerful and protective.* Breast tumor cell growth had decreased by 34.2%.* Cancer cell death (called apoptosis) increased by 30.7%.* Protein called C-erbB2 (also known as HER2), which causes highly aggressive cancer growth, decreased by 71%.*


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